Posted on Feb 22, 2014 in Nutrition

Protein is one of the most important nutrients in our diets. It is used for growth and muscle development. A diet rich in protein can help you develop muscle mass, lose weight and get more energy. The daily recommended amount of proteins is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men but this amount can vary in function of how active you are.

Meat is the main source of protein in our diet. Animal protein sources contain a more complete set of amino acid when compared to other sources of proteins, which is why meat is so important to our diet. If your goal is to reduce your body fat or build muscle mass, you are better off eating lean meats such as poultry or fish instead of red meat which contains important amounts of fat.

You can also get proteins from certain cheeses, including low fat cottage cheese, low fat swiss cheese, Parmesan, low fat mozzarella or low fat cheddar. Full fat cheese contains proteins too but low fat cheese will help you meet your weight loss goals.

Beans are an excellent source of proteins. You can get proteins by eating kidney beans, white beans, fava beans or black beans. Cooked beans contain around 15g of proteins per cup, which means you could get all the proteins you need by eating two cups of beans a day.

Seeds and nuts are a good way to add more proteins to your diet. You can find proteins in peanuts, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds or flaxseeds. Nuts are an excellent snack if you need some energy before working out and they are even among the top cholesterol lowering foods.

These different foods with high protein will help you add more proteins to your diet but you should not neglect the other nutrients your body needs. Look for sources of proteins that are poor in fat if your goal is to increase your muscle mass.