According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the followings are some facts on the state of health in the world.

– Coronary heart diseases are the major causes of death on the globe. 30% of the deaths worldwide are due to cardiovascular diseases – disorders of the heart and arteries that can induce cardiac arrest and stroke. The prevention of 8 in 10 of these early deaths triggered by heart diseases is achievable by having a good diet, routine exercise and with the avoidance of tobacco use.

– Mental disorders and mental health conditions for instance depressive disorders are some of the 20 premiere factors behind disability throughout the world. About 350 million people in the world are suffering from depression and sadly this alarming number is forecasted to raise while less than 50% of these sufferers can obtain appropriate treatment and medical care.

– Another mind boggling fact is about diabetes with nearly 10% of adults affected globally. Moreover, diabetic persons have higher risk of cardiovascular diseases growing death figures worldwide.

This is scary, isn’t it? And we have not talked about the obesity epidemic, cancers and many other health problems, proving that health is what matters most. For this reason, has been created.

Our goal is to promote health online and reach as much people as possible with tips, general guidance and raise awareness about many diseases and health problems. We want to contribute to the reduction of these bad facts by providing an up-to-date and accurate health resource. A life saved by the avoidance of heart diseases or cancer with the help of our healthy eating and cancer prevention tips is a great victory for us. Please support us by spreading the word about