Posted on Sep 7, 2014 in Weight-loss

Looking for more information on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

If you are anything like me when I was first searching for Advocare products, then you are looking to make some changes in your health and wellness with the goal of losing some unwanted weight.

I can remember looking at myself in the mirror and not liking the person who was looking back at me.

By looking into Advocare products, I can honestly say that you are on the right path.

For me, my Advocare journey began when I started drinking Advocare Spark energy drink.

After seeing how well Spark worked, I quickly wanted to check out some of the other Advocare products.

The next product I tried was the 24 Day Challenge, I actually liked the challenge so much, that I decided to create this site about it.

I am sure you have a lot of questions about the Advocare challenge, so let me start by telling you a little more about it.

What Is The Advocare 24 Day Challenge

The 24 Day Challenge is a comprehensive nutritional and supplementation program that is designed to help you increase your body’s natural production of energy, increase your overall nutrition and help you lose and manage your weight.

The challenge is unique from most other “diet plans” on the market in that it is a complete and customizable system not a one size fits all program.

With the Advocare challenge, you begin with the first phase, a 10 day herbal cleanse that is designed to get all the harmful toxins out of your body so that you can replace the bad with good vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Getting rid of all of the bad, harmful buildup in your intestinal system is key for your body function properly and this “junk” you have built up is what is keeping your body from performing at its optimal level.

Once you have removed the bad stuff, it’s time to fuel your body with the good stuff it needs to run a high performance race car.

You will achieve this by spending the next 14 days in the Max phase, the max phase is all about replacing all the bad junk you just removed from your body with good vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Once your body has starts receiving the proper levels of supplementation, you will begin to feel an increase in your energy level and well as seeing a smaller number when you step on the scale because your body will now have an optimized digestive system.

The key to success with the 24 day challenge is to follow the instructions and stick the recommended eating plan.

I have completed the challenge 4 times now and have seen amazing results each time, my best so far has been 17 pounds and 1 belt size lost.

How Does The Advocare Challenge Work

We have already touched on the two phases of the 24 day challenge, just to recap they are:

  • The Cleanse Phase: Days 1-10 – in this phase you will focus on clean eating and flushing all of the bad and harmful toxins out of your body to prepare your body to properly absorb the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you will be adding in the next phase.
  • The Max Phase: Days 11-24 – in this phase you will continue your clean eating but now that you have flushed out all the junk you had stored in your digestive track, its time to replace the bad with good vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to fuel your body to perform at its highest level possible.

The idea behind the challenge is to kick-start your weight loss and healthy living plans in order to help you reach your overall wellness goals.

How Much Does The Advocare Challenge Cost

Before we get into how much the 24 Day Challenge costs, lets first talk about what all you get with your challenge.

Advocare recently began allowing you to fully customize your challenge when you order.

Here are the products and the options you have when ordering:

  • Advocare Herbal Cleanse – you can chose from the Citrus or the Peaches and Cream Fiber Drinks – 10 day supply
  • Advocare Omegaplex – 1 bottle
  • Advocare Spark – You select two 14 serving boxes from the following flavors (Watermelon, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Mango Strawberry, Pink Lemonade)
  • Advocare MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) – you can select one of the following 3 Advocare MNS systems (Max C – appetite control, Max E – increased energy, Max 3 – overall wellness)
  • Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes – you receive one box, chose one flavor (vanilla, chocolate, mocha, vegetarian)

There are a few companion products that will help accelerate your Advocare challenge results including.

  • Advocare Catalyst – This supplement will help in repairing and maintaining your muscles after intense workouts.
  • Advocare ThermoPlus – ThermoPlus is to be taken during the Max Phase, days 11-24 to increase your metabolic rate and will help your body consume your calories more efficiently.
  • Advocare CarbEase Plus – This supplement will help in the breakdown of carbohydrates in the foods you consume, it will help the carbs flow through your body and not stick around and turn into fat.
  • Advocare Can You 24 DVD Workout series – this collection of 24 minute workouts are perfect for maximizing your results on the 24 Day Challenge.

You can achieve amazing results with just the basic bundle, the companion products are designed to help you maximize your results.

I would highly recommend the Advocare challenge to anyone who is serious about kick-starting their diet and weight loss plans or anyone who wants to take their overall wellness to a whole new level.