Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in Cancer

In a world where sicknesses can turn up at any moment, affecting even different parts of the body, to know symptoms beforehand is always a better idea. Especially when it comes to cancer, with so many different types, and the sad consequences of having been a victim, it would be an integral part of anyone’s life to know at least the basic symptoms associated. This article we will focus on one particular form of cancer: Bladder cancer, what are the symptoms?

Like almost any form of cancer, or sickness for that matter, you will typically have early, and advanced symptoms. Of course it would be of benefit to know the early symptoms, but in the long run, having known both side of the spectrum can save your life, or someone you love. So what are the early symptoms?

To begin, it almost goes without saying that since your bladder plays a major role for eliminating waste during urination, that there will be some symptoms pertaining to one’s urinary habits. For example, 8 or 9 out of 10 people affected by bladder cancer have blood or blood clots in their urine. This is called a hematuria. Other urinary symptoms include urinating small amounts frequently, abnormally frequent urinary tract infections, and/or dysuria, which had been described as a pain during urination.

Symptoms that develop after a more advanced stage of bladder cancer can ensue as well. Just to name a few: Flank pain, or pain around the kidneys or lower back, a large swelling of your lower legs, and some have mentioned a growth in ones pelvis in the area of the bladder. Also called a pelvic mass. If one has noticed any of these symptoms it is always of benefit to have a doctor check it out, because if it spreads there are even more symptoms that can take place.

After spreading, bladder cancer symptoms may include weight loss, Anemia (low iron in the blood), and bone pain, rectal pain, or even anal pain, all in the pelvic area. It is of note that the symptoms associated with bladder conditions are also symptoms of other serious bladder conditions.

It is no easy task to know of oneself or associates having bladder cancer. This being the case it is always a benefit to arm oneself with the knowledge and understanding of symptoms both early and advanced because in the long run, it can save a life.

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