Posted on Mar 6, 2015 in Supplements

To help consumers make the right choice, Brainification ( has taken up the task of publicizing the best brain supplements on the market. The organization’s aim is to keep consumers updated on the latest top products, so that they make the best choice for their situation when it comes to buying a brain enhancer for themselves. Brainification reviews and rates various products on four scales: Focus and Concentration, Mental Energy and Memory, Reputation, and the Value of the reviewed product. Other information includes the company statistics, delivery methods, pricing plans, and the input from the users. According to the latest ranking released for 2014/2015, Limidax XR came out as the best brain booster available in the market.

The popularity of brain supplements has skyrocketed in the last decade. The reason behind this surge in popularity is the increasing competition among students and professionals in every field. Everyone wants to enhance their performance and get the best results possible while at work. Previously, professionals, students, executive and other people looking to boost their performance had to turn to excessive uses of various energy drinks and coffee. However, the effects from those sources are quite short lived, and often require multiple servings a day. Those servings can also cost a small fortune over the period of a month and year! One serving of an energy drink or shot can range from roughly $2 to $4. As a result, several companies have developed various new brain enhancing products.

Brain boosting ingredients and supplements are becoming increasingly recognized for their importance by organizations from Forbes, NBC, CNN, and many more. However, in order to make smart choices when it comes to brain supplements, one must consider both the short term and long term benefits of each option and their own personal requirements. There are many products currently on the market that don’t deliver the promised results, and even have various harmful side effects.

So what makes the Limidax XR the best brain boosting supplement of 2015? Looking at the reviews of Limidax XR to various top focus pills, study pills, and brain boosters in the markets, we find that it has no match in effectiveness, brain health, and safety. Undoubtedly, those same features have made it the most popular and trustworthy name in the brain boosters’ market. Limidax is a unique product that is not only effective in the short term, but also has strong long tern benefits. Within 30 minutes of the consumption of the Limidax brain pills, the consumer usually starts feeling its positive effects. The effects will last from 6 to 12 hours, depending on several factors, including height, weight, gender, and genetics. With regular intake, many of its ingredients may have enormous benefits.

There are additional factors that make Limidax XR a trustworthy and popular name in the market. The company continues to show honest, straightforward company policies based on high ethical and moral standards. The brain supplement is Doctor Trusted. Furthermore, the cost per serving is more than half of an energy drink or premium coffee drink. With all its sales, we can confirm that there are no hidden costs, even the First Class shipping they offer is truly free (with no minimum purchase amount). Their auto-ship program is also clearly marked on the page, and they do offer single stand-alone purchases. The trial package starts at $14.99.

With proven effectiveness and much better and long-lasting results, there is no better product than the Limidax XR. Moreover, its low price, honest company policies and fast and safe shipping methods make it a perfect consumer product. We recommend that readers at least look into learning more about Limidax.