Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in Nutrition

Finding ways to lower your cholesterol level using an effective diet does not need to be a challenge. It only requires simple tweaking to see the cholesterol numbers begin to drop.

Cholesterol is a component that is found in every cell membrane of all animals and humans. The bad cholesterol (LDL) is what carries the cholesterol to the cell tissues. It is the good cholesterol (HDL) that removes it. The body has the ability to produce cholesterol from a variety of plant foods, and therefore does not require any extra cholesterol from diets.

It is very easy to obtain high levels of LDL cholesterol through an improper, or an unhealthy diet. High serum LDL has the ability to increase the risk of cardiac complications especially heart attacks. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a heart-healthy diet by limiting saturated fats and harmful trans fats. A low cholesterol diet can also be one that is high in fiber foods and those that contain omega fats.

An Effective Diet

An easy way to incorporate this diet is to limit the consumption of animal products. This includes eating meats, eggs, poultry, cream, butter, and milk. Or, at least eat them in small quantities. It is best to select dairy products and meat products that are low in fat. Lean meats and skim milk are far better choices to lowering harmful cholesterol than the consumption of meat and milk that have full amounts of fat.

Essential Fats

While it might seem counter-intuitive to consume fat to gain health, there are essential fats that are required to help improve heart conditions. These essential fats are omega-3 fatty acids that are found in flax seed, fish, and foods that are fortified in omega oils. By consuming the right amount of omega oils, it is quite possible to lower your cholesterol levels.

High Fiber Foods

Consuming high-fiber foods is a great way to add bulk to the diet, and lower cholesterol. Simply increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and whole grain breads as an effective way to lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Proper Protein

By consuming the adequate amount of proper protein, you can effectively lower your LDL cholesterol levels. Generally speaking, most men and women require the consumption of 40 gram of high-quality protein each day. However, this can be accomplished by eating nuts, beans, and legumes, and even textured vegetable protein instead of high fatty meats.

 A low cholesterol diet is the most effective way of reducing the potential of heart disease and other cardiac conditions.

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