Posted on Mar 31, 2014 in Nutrition

Dinners are often done along with the company of family members, friends, or workmates. This makes it easier for anyone to get distracted thus the tendency to gain weight. There is no doubt that dinner is an important meal but it is also more important that we should see to it that we do it right. The following are some common mistakes that you should avoid when having your dinner and risk not your goals of sticking to a healthy weight.

Making it your biggest meal of the day

Always remember that dinner time is already close to bedtime. This would also mean that you do not need plenty of calories to fuel your body. So, the less you eat at dinner time, the better. This will help give your body more time to keep busy repairing damaged cells than spending more time for digesting what you ate. Nutritionists suggest that dinner meals must only contain 500 calories or less. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to overindulge at dinnertime.

Putting serving dishes within reach

When you have serving dishes in front of you at the dinner table, it will become so easy for you to just opt for a second or even third helping. Instead of using conversations as a way to overindulge because you tend to become less conscious about just how you already ate, use conversations or interactions with other people dining to allow your mind to wait for 10 minutes and realize that you no longer need a second serving.

Having dinner in front of the television

A lot of people do not commit eating mistakes at the dinner table but on the sofa or couch. When you eat in front of the TV, laptop or computer you will surely find yourself eating more than you need to. In other words, when you are eating in front of the screen you are sure to overeat.

Putting salt shaker on the table

When you put that salt shaker on top of the table it will become so easy for you to grab it add more salt to your dish even if the food you are eating no longer needs additional salt. Why not try putting some fresh herbs and spices such as oregano, black pepper or thyme?

Having your dinner at restaurants

Going out to have dinner should only be done once or twice a week. Otherwise, you run the risk of being overweight and obese. Fast foods are loaded with sugar, sodium and trans fats. If you want to stay in shape and keep that healthy weight, it would not hurt to avoid fast foods or restaurants as much as possible.