Posted on Jul 6, 2015 in Fitness, Women Health

Weheew! You’re a new mother, or a mother again! Congratulations! But the price of becoming a mother is high, especially soon afterwards, when you find your body just isn’t as it used to be. You may have a few (only a few if you’re lucky) aches and pains, or breathing challenges, that where not there before the dramatic changes which your body underwent while carrying. Other problems may have developed that you didn’t expect. Believe me, your body is an amazing thing, but it is also a fragile thing and needs to be looked after with care. And having gone through a pregnancy, your body has suffered humongous challenges and changes that few get away with, without dramatic ramifications (and I’m not just talking about sleepless nights with babies!).

Don’t panic! Your body is also an incredible healer and repairer of itself, only you will need to do some specific things in which to allow your body to recover. That is why PhuketFit is a recommended place to get to, for a recovery break.

We have trained and qualified guides that can realign your body and help you to lose that bodily abundance, and nappy–brain syndrome you’ve succumb to. You’re not alone, help is always available.

We have the equipment and the expertise that will gently coax you back into shape and cause your body to look great again. We will show you how to strengthen those areas that have been weakened because of child birth and child rearing. We have various exercises to take care of your body while here, and to steer you onto the path of a full, satisfying recovery. Gain more energy and take it back with you upon your return; continue to maintain it and you’ll create a happier home.

Choose Pilates, or Yoga; Fitness or Muay Thai. There is so much to do; but not only will we cheer you on, while following the exercise programs, you’ll be pampered daily and who doesn’t need that after having survived one of the most life changing events on the planet!

We can tailor the program so it is just right for you, and will aid you into getting back to normal (as normal as possible after such changes).

Having babies takes its toll, for sure; so let us guide you into becoming the greatest mother on earth. There are beautiful sites to see after you’ve exercised yourself back into superb health; a healthy mother is a happy mother, it’s not only about exercise, it’s about recreation too. But wait, there’s more . . . we will also give you some great cooking classes for weight loss and management, and recipes to try with your family when you get back home.