Posted on Jul 17, 2014 in Fitness, Wellness

In addition to being one of the most efficient means of human transportation, cycling is also known to have numerous advantageous effects on health. By maintaining a regular and frequent cycling regime you will not only lose weight, but also decrease levels of stress and improve your overall fitness – this is pretty hard to beat when it comes to exercise keeping you in a good condition. In addition to gaining information on the numerous health benefits of cycling, you will also learn about the convenience of having (and using) a personal spinning bike.

Health benefits of cycling

1. Strength and muscle tone

When riding a bicycle for health purposes you are not only increasing your level of fitness, but are improving your body’s health in a holistic manner. This means that the cycling is building strength in not only your legs, but your entire body; as well as increasing your muscle tone.

2. Aerobics

The high intensity activity associated with cycling allows it to fall into the category of an aerobic category. This means that it will increase your heart rate, breathing and get your blood pumping; which in turn allows you to manage your breathing, perspiring and increased body temperature.

3. Burning calories

One of the cardinal reasons why many of us choose to exercise is to lose weight and gain a slimmer waistline. By engaging in a frequent and regular cycling regime, cycling faster than a leisurely pace, you will increase your metabolism and burn a numerous amount of calories keeping the weight down. By keeping the cycling regime going you will be certain to maintain the heightened metabolism during and after the exercise session for a prolonged period.

4. Mental health

Riding a bicycle has been noted as having a positive effect on your mental health and is known to improve any mental health problems.

Disadvantages of cycling

While cycling is very advantageous, there are numerous drawbacks to engaging in this activity. Firstly, cycling outdoors can be inconvenient and messy. This means you will need to dress appropriately to suit both the weather and area you are cycling in. You must also bring a tire iron and spare tire as a precaution should you experience a flat tire. You will also experience stop signs, stop lights, aggravated traffic, etc.

The benefits of a personal spinning bike

Riding a spinning bicycle is as advantageous as riding a traditional bicycle – it increases your level of fitness, improves your physical health and improves your mental state. However, spinning bikes are more advantageous as they are placed indoors and thus unaffected by the weather (a definite bonus for individuals living in cold countries). Furthermore, using the personal spinning bike eliminates the inconvenience of travelling to the gym. By purchasing a personal spinning bike you can complete your cycling exercise regime at home without the bother of other people. For help and expert advice on choosing your spinning bike, find more info at