Posted on Jun 5, 2014 in Fitness, Nutrition

If there is one thing that most people find difficult to do is to lose weight and keep it off. When dieting is difficult it puts stress on the body, especially when it’s like a yo-yo taking off weight and putting it right back on. The important thing to understand is that it can’t be a “diet” it must be a true lifestyle change that will have a lasting effect and result in better overall health.

Here are a few easy steps to help you reduce weight:

1. Consume grapefruit for breakfast. Grapefruit has some extremely beneficial qualities to it because it is high in Vitamin C, it has a lot of fiber and it’s high in water content. If you eat unsweetened grapefruit for breakfast it will help your digestive system and help to flush away the fat from your body.

2. Pay attention to the food pyramid provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and follow the guidelines. There are six food groups in the pyramid. It consists of breads and grains, fruits as well as vegetables, proteins which include lean meat, fish and poultry, as well as eggs and nuts, the dairy group which consists of milk, yogurt and cheese and finally fats, which would be oils and sweets. The idea is to maintain a balanced diet including all of these groups, but to limit the intake of fats and sweets.

3. While a pound of fat is the same weight as a pound of muscle, a pound of muscle takes up much less space so it is important to increase your muscle tone by working out. It is important to use resistance training techniques three days per week. This would consist of five different exercises in repetitions of 8-12. With muscle growth, your metabolism will increase and that will help you lose weight quicker, even when your body is resting.

That’s it! With the above steps, you are ready to get started. For more advanced and detailed guidelines on how to reduce weight, check out programs. Also, it is very important to consult your physician before starting any new nutrition and exercise plan. You’ll want to make sure your body receives the proper nutrition in order to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

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