Posted on Aug 1, 2019 in Wellness

No matter if you leave or stay at home, the holidays are a nice parenthesis of idleness. It is also a privileged moment to get back on your feet and evacuate the stress and fatigue accumulated throughout the year.

The holidays, we look forward to hoping to spend the best times of the year. Here are 5 tips to make the most of it, recover and reset the counters … to start again at the inflated date!

1. Get back on the move

Because we finally have some time for ourselves, holidays also make it possible to be reconciled with one’s body. And gently put it back in motion.

Our advice :

Go on a discovery of your place of vacation by mountain bike or simply on foot. L is walking is a great activity to maintain physical and mental shape. Whether you are in the countryside, at sea or in the mountains, it is very easy to reach the ten thousand steps a day recommended by the World Health Organization, it takes on average to walk 30 minutes.
Enjoy beach volleyball tournaments on the beach (it’s free!).
Swim as soon as you can … in the sea, in the pool, in a lake.
Try new activities such as gym paddle if you are at the sea or the acro yoga or fly yoga.
Put yourself in gardening!

2. Eat healthy

During the week, after work, we do not necessarily have the time or the energy to cook good meals. And at noon, it’s not much better nutritional balance. Still, a balanced diet is essential to the proper functioning of your body. During holidays, you have all the time you want to prepare good meals. Enjoy!

Our advice :

Stroll the markets to choose fresh and seasonal foods.
Adopt the Mediterranean diet, which is good for your heart, focusing on olive oil, fruits, vegetables …
And take the time to chew.

3. Destressing

For many employees, getting off work is very complicated. Because they can not get everything done or they can not do everything they want, they do it on vacation, the only time they should do anything other than what they do in the office.

Our advice: take time for yourself! For Philippe Chavanne, nothing like the holidays to discover anti-stress activities (coloring, creative hobbies, yoga, meditation …) and start to practice them regularly.

4. Disconnect from screens

You may not realize it, but the daily time spent in front of the screens is increasing year by year … Enjoy the holidays, a period where you have no obligation, to make a digital detox!

Our advice :

Set limits: in the day, set time slots (one in the morning, one in the afternoon for example) to connect to your favorite apps and stick to them!
After 7 pm, do not touch a single screen all evening.
Disable all your notifications.

5. Catch up on a good sleep

You are lacking sleep and can not catch it? Nothing better than sleeping on vacation.

Our advice :

Try to keep a regular sleep pattern.
Take a nap!