Posted on Nov 21, 2014 in Medical

Limidax is a brain pill for college students and professionals that need increased focus and concentration. Limidax was first conceived as a solution to the problem of illegal and harmful pharmaceutical stimulant abuse. The brain pill is still rapidly gaining well-deserved attention across campuses. Earlier this week, on November 17, 2014, earned the Doctor Trusted Consumer Protection Certificate.

The Doctor Trusted Certificate is only awarded to a website that meets a very strict list of requirements and passes an intensive ethical code of conduct test. The Doctor Reviewer(s) are completely independent, and have, themselves, been thoroughly vetted. This enables the certificate to be given based on the product itself and not from any bias. In fact, the Independent Doctor Reviewer that decides whether to issue a Certificate and what Grade to assign has no stake whatsoever in the outcome of the independent review, and is compensated regardless of the outcome.

The strict application process first analyzes whether health claims are reasonable and science-based. The pricing and billing policy is then put under extreme scrutiny to see if it is ethically conducted. This same scrutiny is then applied to the return and refund policy. Aside from this, a series of due diligence checks are then run on Limidax. The review ultimately met the conclusion that Limidax completely fulfilled all parts of The Doctor Trusted Code of Conduct. This means that Limidax meets and follows one of the strictest ethical business rules in the industry.

 The Consumer Protection Organization ensures that companies that have been issued a Certificate continue to uphold the standards. Limidax has proven its dedication to providing a safe and effective solution for its customers by achieving the highest Grade by the Independent Doctor: a solid “A.”

About Limidax: The Limidax XR focus pill has started decreasing the level of pharmaceutical stimulant abuse by college students, as students without ADHD are now able to use the safer and more effective solution to increase focus and performance. Limidax is marketed as a brain enhancement solution that boosts brain function, sustains brain power, and increases productivity.