Posted on Feb 13, 2015 in Women Health

Mirena IUD is a small plastic device that is placed in the uterus. It is T-shaped to better adapt to the uterine cavity. This device continuously released in small amounts of levonorgestrel similar progesterone hormone produced by the female organism. Although the device is quite efficient in preventing pregnancy, women using it have reported many minor to serious side effects and even after the removal of the device.

What are the typical adverse reactions

Commonly, women experience vaginal irritation associated with abnormal menstrual cycles. An alteration in the menstrual flow volume can also be noticed. Back pain and bloatedness can also occur at the beginning. Howver, in case the pain is consistent , it is recommended to report it to your doctor. Other reported side effects are weight gain, (learn about mirena weight gain on, hair growth increase, a decrease in sex interest. Sometimes, women report of breast soreness, nausea, acne. In case you encounter irritation in your facial area, you have to report it.

More severe secondary effects of Mirena

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic or tubal pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy that does not occur in the womb but in fallopian tube. This may happen with every IUD and it is an emergency situation.The only manifestation is often a severe abdominal pain. Should this happen, you have to hospital immediately. You may need a surgical treatment.


This is another serious condition that can occur. The implant is embedded in the uterine wall or punch a hole in it to prevent conception. Howver the device may migrate out of uterus. If migration occurs, it can cause infection and damage to other organs.

Other significant negative effects

Feelings of dizziness, pain while having sex or pelvic pain are serious matters. The occurrence of constant vaginal bleeding (more info on, vaiginal discharge with foul odor or lesions in the genitals suggest infection. Pay attention to any indicators of an infection for example high temperature, body aches, chills and weakness and never postpone contacting your health care provider. You might need to take away the device.

Severe pelvic infection

Mirena can raise the danger of developing a dangerous pelvic infection usually triggered by a sexually transmitted disease. You should know that while mirena prevent pregnancy, it doesn’t shield you against STDs. Thefore, having multiple sexual partners should be avoided.

Allergy or intolerance

Signs of an allergy or intolerance generally consist of hives, inflammation of the facial and mouth area. It may be hard to eat or inhale. Keep in mind this kind of allergic reaction generally begins inside. If you notice inflammation on the exterior, chances are that you require urgent medical attention.


Jaundice is a slight but a critical effect. Usually, you can observe it initially as a soft yellow coloration in eyes. It’s also possible to observe a slight discoloration. These signs needs to be examined quickly.