Posted on Sep 12, 2014 in Fitness

The type of training that you are planning to do will determine the type of woman swimsuits that you are going to choose. If you want to maximize your performance in water, then you should choose the right swimsuit. There are those swimsuits for water aerobics, lap swimming and competitive swimming. Therefore, you should only buy your swimsuits from sporting goods stores that have a good reputation, and there are online retailers that you can use also. Choose a retailer that specializes in different water exercises.

Competitive Swimwear

If you are a swimmer, then you should always wear high-performance swimsuits when you are training and also when you are in a competition. To maximize speed, then you need a suit that reduces drag, because it increases water flow. A lot of swimmers buy different suits for different purposes; they buy suits for training and those for competition. However, there is a compression technology that has been used on these suits; hence the suit will fit the swimmer perfectly.

Tips for Choosing a Training Swimwear

Almost all competitive swimmers do not use the same swimsuit for training and competing. It is not important for a training swimwear to have the same quality of fabric as that of a competitive swimsuit, but the training suit must be a one-piece design. It should also have a racer back to allow easy movement through the shoulders, and it is also good for keeping the straps from twisting or slipping while the swimmer is in water.

It is recommended that you choose a training suit that does not fit tightly. It should fit snugly. The suit is said to be too small if the straps dig into the shoulders, and if you see that there are loose fabric or wrinkles in the torso, then that training suit is too big. There are swimmers that prefer legsuits for training; these usually cover the whole body. Even though, the legsuits have less drag in water, these suits are good for training and not for competitions because of the amount of fabric used.

On the Beach and Water Aerobics

For those of you who would love to go for a run on the beach or play beach volleyball, then the swimsuit drag is not your big concern. A swimsuit that works perfectly for women is a two-piece suit that consists of a boy shorts or briefs, a full tank or a crop top. The best choice for men who exercise on land is baggy swim trunks or board shorts. If you are a woman and you love water aerobics, then a bikini that has wide straps and bra cups is good for you because it supports twisting movements and jumping.