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How to restore health on vacation

How to restore health on vacation

Posted on Aug 1, 2019 in Wellness |

No matter if you leave or stay at home, the holidays are a nice parenthesis of idleness. It is also a privileged moment to get back on your feet and evacuate the stress and fatigue accumulated throughout the year.

The holidays, we look forward to hoping to spend the best times of the year. Here are 5 tips to make the most of it, recover and reset the counters … to start again at the inflated date!

1. Get back on the move

Because we finally have some time for ourselves, holidays also make it possible to be reconciled with one’s body. And gently put it back in motion.

Our advice :

Go on a discovery of your place of vacation by mountain bike or simply on foot. L is walking is a great activity to maintain physical and mental shape. Whether you are in the countryside, at sea or in the mountains, it is very easy to reach the ten thousand steps a day recommended by the World Health Organization, it takes on average to walk 30 minutes.
Enjoy beach volleyball tournaments on the beach (it’s free!).
Swim as soon as you can … in the sea, in the pool, in a lake.
Try new activities such as gym paddle if you are at the sea or the acro yoga or fly yoga.
Put yourself in gardening!

2. Eat healthy

During the week, after work, we do not necessarily have the time or the energy to cook good meals. And at noon, it’s not much better nutritional balance. Still, a balanced diet is essential to the proper functioning of your body. During holidays, you have all the time you want to prepare good meals. Enjoy!

Our advice :

Stroll the markets to choose fresh and seasonal foods.
Adopt the Mediterranean diet, which is good for your heart, focusing on olive oil, fruits, vegetables …
And take the time to chew.

3. Destressing

For many employees, getting off work is very complicated. Because they can not get everything done or they can not do everything they want, they do it on vacation, the only time they should do anything other than what they do in the office.

Our advice: take time for yourself! For Philippe Chavanne, nothing like the holidays to discover anti-stress activities (coloring, creative hobbies, yoga, meditation …) and start to practice them regularly.

4. Disconnect from screens

You may not realize it, but the daily time spent in front of the screens is increasing year by year … Enjoy the holidays, a period where you have no obligation, to make a digital detox!

Our advice :

Set limits: in the day, set time slots (one in the morning, one in the afternoon for example) to connect to your favorite apps and stick to them!
After 7 pm, do not touch a single screen all evening.
Disable all your notifications.

5. Catch up on a good sleep

You are lacking sleep and can not catch it? Nothing better than sleeping on vacation.

Our advice :

Try to keep a regular sleep pattern.
Take a nap!

Women, Changes After 40

Women, Changes After 40

Posted on Oct 18, 2017 in Sexual health, Women Health |

After the age of 40, the woman no longer cares about getting pregnant, gradually giving up the use of hygienic towels and tampons, with the opportunity to enjoy herself and her partner, since the children are “big” and generally out of the home with his friends. There is no need to stress or hurry. In addition, menopause does not mean the end of sexual life, as there is evidence that not only sexual desire but also the pleasure, increase with age.

Therefore, do not think that only beauty and youth are synonyms of sexuality; the woman still with wrinkles and a few extra pounds is also desirable.


We are all convinced that the sexual impulse has a predominantly psychological origin, controlled to some extent by the hormones that circulate in the blood; therefore, the decrease in estrogen and other steroids only play a partial role (vaginal dryness, irritation, desire) in their drive for sex. So a woman’s sexual response depends on her partner’s interest and reaction. It is possible that her husband, boyfriend or lover is going through her own crisis of middle age, diminishing her sexual response, problems that often justify blaming the woman so it will be necessary to understand it and not be influenced by that new state of a lifetime.

The secret to fully enjoy your sexuality is summarized in permanent and free communication. It is important to give yourself more time for sexual expression.


The decrease in estrogen and metabolism over 40 leads to a series of symptoms such as difficulty to lose weight, tiredness, lack of energy, low self-esteem, and poor memory, associated with hot flashes, migraines and night sweats, are associated with a decrease in sexual pleasure.
Sleeping badly and feeling great fatigue are enough reasons for anyone of the same age to lose interest in sex. Nevertheless; over the years this can be reversed by increasing levels of testosterone (sex hormone). Therefore, sexual desire is not going to be lost after menopause.
Usually, the changes in her anatomy will be gradual, different in each woman, those that can be controlled and even avoided thanks to a good diet, exercise, healthy life and the use of estrogens.


In some women, the lower elasticity of the vagina and lack of lubrication causes such vaginal dryness that the intercourse is painful and uncomfortable, causing in many of them a refusal and a pretext not to let oneself touch. In these cases, in addition to emotional support, estrogen is indicated, however; sometimes it is contraindicated or the woman is afraid to use it so we must think of alternatives that serve as external lubricants.

One of them is vegetable oil. Avoid oils with alcohol, as they would irritate the vagina. Do not use Vaseline (a petroleum derivative) as it is very soluble in water and could penetrate the vagina and urethra, causing irritation, and possibly infection.

After 40, the vagina loses its acidity and becomes alkaline, so more frequent falls and inflammation. Avoid tight, non-cotton clothing; eat less sugar and refined carbohydrates, which decrease the nutrients that fight the infection. Lastly, do not forget to urinate immediately after each sexual act, to prevent microbes from entering the urethra and suffering from a urinary tract infection.


We all know that an elastic and well-toned body is healthier than a “fluffy” and weak.
Then, exercising the muscles of the vagina, belly and back help prolong the years of sexual pleasure. Having good tonicity in the pelvic organs there will be less back pain, prolapse, urinary incontinence and excessive dryness. In addition, as we have discussed, Kegel exercises not only strengthen the pelvic floor but also improve sexual satisfaction.


There are many factors that can affect our sexuality, including:
• Tranquilizers, antidepressants, diuretics, amphetamines, muscle relaxants, among others.
• Alcohol
• Marijuana
• Tobacco
• Coffee
• Excess work.
• Stress, frustration, and depression.
In conclusion, it is necessary to have a healthy life to enjoy sex because age is not a limitation to enjoy and have pleasure even when over the years we have the mark of time.

High Cholesterol: Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat to Lower Levels

High Cholesterol: Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat to Lower Levels

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 in Nutrition |

According to recent statistics from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) a large percentage of the U.S population, precisely 20% over 18 years, has a level of cholesterol above 250 mg/dl (an excessive value), according to the American Heart Association (AHA). Increased plasma concentrations of cholesterol above normal levels (above 200 mg/dl amount) remains a serious concern.

Contributing factors

Inadequate diet among the population is a determining factor in hypercholesterolemia. And there are many people that include in their daily food plan numerous animal fats, saturated fats, and alcohol, in part because of the energy that our life demands. However, there are other factors that cause increased cholesterol in the body such as liver disease, endocrine, and renal diseases, together with the administration of certain drugs and genetic predisposition to hypercholesterolemia. The latter inherited disease that is expressed from birth, is caused by mutations in the gene encoding the LDL receptor (these receptors are responsible for removing cholesterol from the blood) and causes an increase in blood cholesterol, mainly of low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol).


The treatment of this condition requires a change of lifestyle: healthy diet, reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, avoiding excess weight and physical exercise are necessary weapons to manage this condition, which in some cases requires the use of drugs. But what is the real key? Definitely a healthy diet.

To achieve our goal, controlling the dreaded cholesterol, we must base our diet on foods like fruits and vegetables, five servings a day; vegetables; whole grains (bread, pasta, rice); nuts (walnuts, almonds) and olive oil; fish (at least three servings a week (tuna, sardine, anchovy, salmon …).

These foods provide us with nutrients that help us reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and increase the so-called “good” cholesterol – HDL because they provide omega-3 fatty acids found in virgin olive oil and bluefish, sterols/stanols (or vegetable oils incorporated into dairy products), antioxidants (in fruits and vegetables).

High cholesterol foods to avoid

On the other hand, we have to avoid those foods that include plenty of cholesterol and bad fats. It’s simple. For example, you can substitute whole milk for skim milk; butter with olive oil and fatty meats with lean meats, such as rabbit or chicken without skin. Egg yolks, commercial and industrial fried pastries you should avoid them. A detailed list of foods to avoid in your diet to lower cholesterol can be found on cholesterolmenu website.

As for how to cook to avoid cholesterol, the recommended methods are cooking with little fat as baked, grilled, grilling, microwaving, grilling or steaming.

To prevent hypercholesterolemia:
– Consume 30-35% fat, mainly in the form of fish and olive oil.
– Saturated fat is recommended to be reduced. It is suggested to get it at less than 10% of your diet.
– Taking about 7% of polyunsaturated fat.
– Getting monounsaturated fat at 15-20% of the diet.
– Consume less than 300 mg of cholesterol, 50-55% healthy carbohydrate and 15% protein.
– Take 20-30g of fiber and just enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.

What Should Cholesterol Levels Be

What Should Cholesterol Levels Be

Posted on Sep 24, 2014 in Medical, Wellness |

According to surveys conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 102 million American adults were diagnosed with high cholesterol in the year 2010. In addition to this, 35 million of these individuals presented with cholesterol levels high enough to place them in the high risk category for developing heart disease later in life. Cholesterol levels are assessed by medical practitioners using cholesterol screening devices testing the heart for any problems and other cholesterol-related diseases. The management of cholesterol levels is vitally important in order to prevent the potentiality of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol and your body

The majority of cholesterol within the body is created by the liver and the rest is generally obtained via food products. Your body will convert the fat and cholesterol obtained orally into serum cholesterol and triglycerides. Cholesterol is a lipid (a fat substance) which means it is not soluble in the blood; however, your body will overcome this difficulty by placing cholesterol in packages known as lipoproteins.

The low-density lipoprotein will carry cholesterol from the liver to cells throughout your body. Unlike the low-density lipoprotein or LDL, the high-density lipoprotein will reduce the cholesterol level by carrying it to the liver where it is processed and removed from the body.

The dietary source of cholesterol

High cholesterol levels are located in diets comprised primarily of saturated fats and trans fats. Any food products from animal sources, such as eggs, meat and dairy, will contribute to high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. However, food products that originate from plants, such as fruit and vegetables, do not present with fats and will not contribute to high cholesterol levels unless combined with items containing negative fats and cholesterol.

What should your cholesterol numbers be?

The only way whereby cholesterol levels can be measured is a blood test. The majority of medical laboratories will utilize lipid panels which measure total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and trigylcerides. A healthy cholesterol level will measure at 200 mg/dL or less. An unhealthy, high cholesterol level that may be at risk of cardiovascular diseases will measure at 240 mg/dL or over. Ideally your LDL should sit at 100 mg/dL or less. If the measurement presents at 160 mg/dL or more you should consult a medical professional as you are at risk of cholesterol-related illnesses. You can find a chart that summarize cholesterol ranges on this page. You can also learn more about the normal cholesterol levels on this resource site.

The treatment for high cholesterol

The best treatment for high cholesterol is a low-fat diet that is high in grains and fiber. Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids are advantageous to a low cholesterol level and should be consumed at least twice per week. You should also lose weight, stop smoking and exercise regularly.

An introduction to skin cancer and its symptoms

An introduction to skin cancer and its symptoms

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 in Cancer |

Skin Cancer is abnormal skin cells that are growing uncontrollably on your skin. It is a very dangerous cancer and if left untreated, these cancerous cells can spread from not only your skin, but into your organs and your body tissues.

Two skin cancers make up the majority of skin cancers that are diagnosed. These two types of skin cancers are Melanoma, which is the least common type, and then Basal cell carcinoma which is the more prevalent skin cancer.

One of the most common skin cancer symptoms is unusual moles that are cancerous and appear on your skin. These cancerous moles usually appear on areas that have experienced the most sun exposure in your life. This includes the face, neck, scalp, arms, lips, ears, and hands. However, it does not exclusively appear in sun exposed areas, as it is not unheard of developing in areas that rarely see sunlight– your genitals, palms, and beneath the toe nails and finger nails.

Skin cancer is not exclusive to a skin type, as it can appear in all skin tones and complexions. However, those with darker complexions and darker skin tones are more likely to develop melanoma in areas that are rarely exposed to the sun, such as genitals, legs, and feet.

In women, melanoma typically develops on the lower part of the leg. In both women and men, this type of skin cancer is able to occur on skin that hasn’t seen the sun regularly.

It is also important to note here that in order to properly look for the early signs and symptoms of skin cancer, memorize where you already have moles. This is because Melanoma can occur in existing moles, as opposed to simply making a new one. If you notice one o your moles start to look or feel different, this could be an early sign of Melanoma. By pinpointing where you have moles, you can identify early signs and symptoms and get them taken care of. Identifying early the symptoms gives you a much great chance to cure the cancer.

Melanoma and Basal cell carcinoma can show up in many different ways. You can effectively watch for skin cancer by looking at strange or unusual splotches or blemishes in your skin, as well as hurting and strange looking moles.

To avoid skin cancer, try to stay out of the sun between 10AM and 4PM, as this is when the sun is at it’s greatest intensity. Also, be sure to use sunscreen or a hat that covers all areas of your skin to ensure that your skins is not getting fried.

3 ovarian cancer symptoms women should know

3 ovarian cancer symptoms women should know

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 in Cancer |

Cancer is a scary disease because in most cases there is usually no known reason why a person gets cancer, they are  generally just unlucky, they got a bad hand in life. If you do not take anything away from this article, consider the fact that early detection can save your life or at the very least it can give you more time to spend with your family. We will discuss in this article 3 symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Pain In The Pelvic Area

Ovarian cancer is exactly what it sounds like. It is a cancer that attacks the ovaries in women implying that only women can get this disease. One of the most frequent symptoms of ovarian cancer is pain in the area where the ovaries exist and nearby. This pain can be a deep hard ache, it can be sharp pain or it could be slight pain. Regardless to the strength of this pain, if it become chronic pain or persistent pain, go see a doctor. It is always better to serve on the side of caution.

Fatigue And Unexplained Tiredness

When your body is fighting a disease such as ovarian cancer, you body will use all of its natural defense to try and kill the cancer cells. When your body puts up this type of fight, you will often feel lethargic and you can even have flu like symptoms. These type of flu like symptoms are true for all forms of cancer. Your body sees the cancer cells as foreign and harmful so your body produces more white blood cells to fight of the cancerous cells.

Look At Your Face

We just mentioned the role that white blood cells play when it comes to cancer. Let us now tell you about some of the tell tale signs of an overproduction in white blood cells. When your body starts to produce a lot of white blood cells, you will often start to form a rash on the face that is known as a butterfly rash. It is called this because the shape of the rash. It will look like small raised bumps or a slight discoloration. Depending on your skin type, you might not be able to notice the slight discoloration.

As you can see, cancer leaves many signs of its existence in your body. If you experience any of these signs please visit a doctor for testing. Even if you have minor issues, seeing a doctor is a good idea. Early detection has saved and extended many lives. Symptoms such as pain in the pelvis should alert you to see a doctor. Experiencing fatigue or tiredness and flu like symptoms are another sign of cancer. Lastly, the appearance of a butterfly rash can alert you that your body is producing a large amount of white blood cells.

How to recognize cervical cancer symptoms

How to recognize cervical cancer symptoms

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 in Cancer |

Most symptoms that are related to cervical cancer only become apparent once the cancer cells have spread. However, there are a few warning signs that you can look out for and that would probably mean that you need a visit to the doctor for a check-up.

Abnormal spotting or bleeding during the month could be a sign that you have cervical cancer but could also point to a number of other conditions. Some of these conditions are relatively harmless and can pass on their own but rather be safe and make an appointment with your doctor if you notice abnormal bleeding.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding can take place before or after your menstrual cycle, during or after sexual intercourse, douching or a pelvic examination. This type of bleeding is associated with an unhealthy cervix.

An abnormal discharge can also be a symptom of cervical cancer or another medical condition. Don’t go running to the doctor the minute you notice a discharge as this could be normal. However, if the discharge has an odor or if it is a strange color, it is best to seek medical advice.

Lower abdominal pain may be one of the symptoms of cervical cancer. This pain will differ from the pain that you experience during your normal menstrual cycle. Continuous stabbing pains or a consistent dull ache may need to be checked.

illustration of a cancerous cervix at stage 1Cervical cancer can also affect your bladder and urinary tract. If you are experiencing any type of pain while urinating you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Once you start experiencing this type of pain, it could mean that cancer has advanced and spread to the bladder.

While one of these symptoms independently may not mean that you have cervical cancer, if you are presenting with more than one symptom it becomes even more urgent to see your doctor. Living with pain and discomfort is a woman’s bane and often signs and symptoms are ignored until it is too late.

Listen to your body and get to know what feels right or wrong to you. Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you and telling you that something is wrong. Feeling unusually tired and listless could be another sign that you are not in optimal health.

While you don’t need to run off to the doctor for every little twinge, be aware of signs that are persistent and that are just not normal for you.

Bladder cancer: a life-threatening disease you need to know about

Bladder cancer: a life-threatening disease you need to know about

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in Cancer |

In a world where sicknesses can turn up at any moment, affecting even different parts of the body, to know symptoms beforehand is always a better idea. Especially when it comes to cancer, with so many different types, and the sad consequences of having been a victim, it would be an integral part of anyone’s life to know at least the basic symptoms associated. This article we will focus on one particular form of cancer: Bladder cancer, what are the symptoms?

Like almost any form of cancer, or sickness for that matter, you will typically have early, and advanced symptoms. Of course it would be of benefit to know the early symptoms, but in the long run, having known both side of the spectrum can save your life, or someone you love. So what are the early symptoms?

To begin, it almost goes without saying that since your bladder plays a major role for eliminating waste during urination, that there will be some symptoms pertaining to one’s urinary habits. For example, 8 or 9 out of 10 people affected by bladder cancer have blood or blood clots in their urine. This is called a hematuria. Other urinary symptoms include urinating small amounts frequently, abnormally frequent urinary tract infections, and/or dysuria, which had been described as a pain during urination.

Symptoms that develop after a more advanced stage of bladder cancer can ensue as well. Just to name a few: Flank pain, or pain around the kidneys or lower back, a large swelling of your lower legs, and some have mentioned a growth in ones pelvis in the area of the bladder. Also called a pelvic mass. If one has noticed any of these symptoms it is always of benefit to have a doctor check it out, because if it spreads there are even more symptoms that can take place.

After spreading, bladder cancer symptoms may include weight loss, Anemia (low iron in the blood), and bone pain, rectal pain, or even anal pain, all in the pelvic area. It is of note that the symptoms associated with bladder conditions are also symptoms of other serious bladder conditions.

It is no easy task to know of oneself or associates having bladder cancer. This being the case it is always a benefit to arm oneself with the knowledge and understanding of symptoms both early and advanced because in the long run, it can save a life.


http://bladder.cancercaregiving.com/ – Bladder Cancer Symptoms for Men and Women

Consuming a low cholesterol diet can minimize the risk for cardiac conditions

Consuming a low cholesterol diet can minimize the risk for cardiac conditions

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in Nutrition |

Finding ways to lower your cholesterol level using an effective diet does not need to be a challenge. It only requires simple tweaking to see the cholesterol numbers begin to drop.

Cholesterol is a component that is found in every cell membrane of all animals and humans. The bad cholesterol (LDL) is what carries the cholesterol to the cell tissues. It is the good cholesterol (HDL) that removes it. The body has the ability to produce cholesterol from a variety of plant foods, and therefore does not require any extra cholesterol from diets.

It is very easy to obtain high levels of LDL cholesterol through an improper, or an unhealthy diet. High serum LDL has the ability to increase the risk of cardiac complications especially heart attacks. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a heart-healthy diet by limiting saturated fats and harmful trans fats. A low cholesterol diet can also be one that is high in fiber foods and those that contain omega fats.

An Effective Diet

An easy way to incorporate this diet is to limit the consumption of animal products. This includes eating meats, eggs, poultry, cream, butter, and milk. Or, at least eat them in small quantities. It is best to select dairy products and meat products that are low in fat. Lean meats and skim milk are far better choices to lowering harmful cholesterol than the consumption of meat and milk that have full amounts of fat.

Essential Fats

While it might seem counter-intuitive to consume fat to gain health, there are essential fats that are required to help improve heart conditions. These essential fats are omega-3 fatty acids that are found in flax seed, fish, and foods that are fortified in omega oils. By consuming the right amount of omega oils, it is quite possible to lower your cholesterol levels.

High Fiber Foods

Consuming high-fiber foods is a great way to add bulk to the diet, and lower cholesterol. Simply increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and whole grain breads as an effective way to lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Proper Protein

By consuming the adequate amount of proper protein, you can effectively lower your LDL cholesterol levels. Generally speaking, most men and women require the consumption of 40 gram of high-quality protein each day. However, this can be accomplished by eating nuts, beans, and legumes, and even textured vegetable protein instead of high fatty meats.

 A low cholesterol diet is the most effective way of reducing the potential of heart disease and other cardiac conditions.


www.cholesterolmenu.com – Heart-Healthy Eating Plan and Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

www.cholesterollevels.net – Good Cholesterol Levels Chart – Total, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides

An Overview Of Vitamin D Deficiency

An Overview Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 in Medical, Nutrition, Supplements |

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins.  Also known as the sunshine vitamin, it is produced by our skin in response to sunlight exposure.

What is the role of vitamin D?

Vitamin D helps to absorb and regulate the amount of calcium and phosphorus, critical for healthy bones and teeth. Many studies have demonstrated that a sufficient amount of vitamin D is associated with reduced incidence and death rates in certain cancers. (1)

Vitamin D is also known to play a role in insulin production and immune function. There has also been some new research suggesting that vitamin D plays a role in reducing the risk of contracting or being severely affected by the novel coronavirus. However, there is not yet enough evidence to support this, according to Yale Medicine physicians (2)

What is vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency, also known as hypovitaminosis D, means you don’t have enough vitamin D to keep your body functioning well. It affects almost half of the population worldwide.

What are the effects of vitamin D deficiency?

The symptoms are often non-specific and hard to link to vitamin D deficiency. Some of the effects of vitamin D deficiency include bone pain, fracture, extreme fatigue, and muscle impairment. It can also lead to depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, frequent infections, and immune system disorders. Vitamin D deficiency also increases the risk of uterine fibroids.

What are the causes of Vitamin D deficiency?

They are many reasons why you may not have enough vitamin D in your body. A deficiency in vitamin D can result from insufficient sunlight exposure. You may also have vitamin D deficiency if you don’t get enough vitamin D in your diet or have health conditions (gastrointestinal disorders, liver and kidney diseases) that can affect the amount of vitamin D in your body.

There are also certain medications like steroids, seizure drugs that can interfere with your body’s ability to convert or absorb vitamin D

Who is at risk of having vitamin D deficiency?

Some people are at greater risk of hypovitaminosis D.

  • People with dark skin: the melanin, which causes skin pigmentation reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure. According to a recent study of the Cooper Institute, 76% of adults African-Americans may be vitamin D deficient (3)
  • Older people: Many factors can play a role in vitamin D deficiencies in older adults. A lot of seniors are homebound and get minimal exposure to natural sunlight. As people age, their skin thins, and there is a decrease in their capacity to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight. There is also a decrease in the ability of their kidney to convert vitamin D.
  • Vegans: they are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency given the fact that they don’t eat fish or dairy, which are the main foods that contain vitamin D
  • People who are always indoors are also at risk to have vitamin D deficiency

How to correct vitamin D deficiency?

You can carefully increase your sun exposure and eat more vitamin-D-rich foods. According to the National Institute of Health, “approximately 5–30 minutes of sun exposure between 10 AM and 3 PM at least twice a week to the face, arms, legs, or back without sunscreen usually lead to sufficient vitamin D (4)

Vitamin D is not present in many foods, but there are still some vitamin-D-rich foods:

  • Fatty fishes, also known as oily fishes, are a good source of vitamin D. Fatty fish include salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout.)
  • Mushrooms are the only vegetarian vitamin D source. Like humans, a mushroom can produce when it is exposed the sunlight. Exposing the mushrooms to UV light can significatively increase the amount of vitamin D.
  • Egg yolk
  • Beef Liver
  • Cheese

Vegans can eat foods with added vitamin D, usually say “fortified with vitamin D” on the package. The following products can be fortified :

  • Orange juice
  • Cereals
  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk

If you have severe vitamin D deficiency, your health care provider can recommend various vitamin D supplements.


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What is the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

What is the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

Posted on Nov 13, 2017 in Nutrition |

If you just want to lose weight, you can reach your goal soon with the 1200 calorie diet. The principle of this weight loss method is very simple because the rule states that 1200 calories per day should not be exceeded. Compared to an oatmeal diet you do not have to avoid certain foods in this variant, but may even eat fast food or cake. However, it is important to be aware of the calories, to make a note of them at each meal, and not to exceed the calorie count per day. If one chooses mostly low-calorie ingredients, one may, of course, eat more from the amount than with ingredients with many calories.

Losing weight without giving up

The 1200 calorie meal plan makes it possible to lose weight without a strict diet plan and without sacrificing weight. In principle, all foods are allowed on this diet. However only in moderation. In order to still be healthy and balanced to eat, and also to dispense with certain foods, a calorie chart is helpful. The weight loss with the help and good planning make it possible to quickly reduce the excess fat. This diet plan is made easier when divided into three meals, each with 400 calories. So it is healthy weight loss plan that ensures that the body is regularly supplied with nutrients without hunger or cravings. Another positive aspect is that calories saved at a previous meal may be consumed without problems in addition to the next meal.

Easy to implement diet

Anyone who notes the calories and quantities of the individual foods in the 1200 calorie diet will not find it difficult to lose weight afterward. Whether the breakfast consists of three slices of wholemeal bread or a piece of cake, everyone can decide for themselves. However, if you want to eat larger portions, you should switch to low-calorie foods. If small portions are enough, they can also have more calories. This avoids cravings or leaves the stomach completely empty when losing weight. The greater the feeling of hunger, the greater the danger of eating too much at once to satisfy this need

Eat and lose weight regularly

The first successes of this diet plan usually come after just one week. In addition, a feeling for the quantities and calories is developed during this time, so that the diet becomes easier and easier to implement. Of course, the body feeling also improves. Supporting and promoting slimming with this method is exercising. It does not matter if jogging or swimming is in the plan. However, it is important to be active regularly and to complete at least one small training session every day. Thus, this method is a light diet that can be implemented anytime and at any time.


1- http://www.weightofthenation.org/1200-calorie-diet-plan/ – The 1200-Calorie Meal Plan: Is this Diet for You? Sample Daily Menus

2- http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/g4351/1200-calorie-diet-plan/ – A 7-Day, 1200-Calorie Meal Plan

The Mirena IUD weight gain, myth or reality?

The Mirena IUD weight gain, myth or reality?

Posted on Aug 30, 2016 in Women Health |

We live eternally concerned about losing weight or at least not increase and that is something that affects many important decisions, not only in terms of food to continue, but also influences us in the choice of contraceptive method. And it is that weight gain rumors have always targeted hormonal contraceptives. What is true about that?

Mirena IUD and weight gain

Much has been said about the side effects of the IUD, relating to serious problems such as perforation of the uterus and even with some type of gynecologic cancer. Despite the efforts of manufacturers to improve efficiency increasingly and comfort while minimizing side effects, there are still voices that warn of the danger of having a weight gain after Mirena IUD placement.

Indeed, the Mirena is a hormonal contraceptive that can cause certain changes in our body, but today, these changes are minimal and unnoticeable. All studies conducted to determine whether Mirena IUD is fattening were negative, blaming weight gain of some women to a personal change in their eating habits.

The myth of hormonal contraception

It seems that on hormonal contraception hanging from its beginnings shadow of doubt and suspicion over its potential adverse effects on our health. This is something that affects not only the Mirena IUD, but all contraceptives based on hormones operation.

The most popular myths regarding hormonal contraception are the alteration of mood swings, even claiming they can lead to depression and, of course, the dreaded weight gain. It is true that certain hormones, such as estrogen, can cause fluid retention, so we may be more swollen.

But that is something we can minimize drinking plenty of water, doing a little exercise and eliminating fats from our diet. In any case, the fat myth of Mirena IUD has no basis since its operation does not use estrogens, but a hormone called levonorgestrel.

Figuring Out Your Daily Calorie Requirement & Daily Calorie Burn

Figuring Out Your Daily Calorie Requirement & Daily Calorie Burn

Posted on Mar 18, 2016 in Weight-loss |

How many calories does your body need each day? Your body can surely survive on less, but you want your body sufficiently healthy. If you are counting calories, you are likely looking at trying to lose weight, or you are trying to maintain your weight. Each person’s daily calorie requirement is going to be different, and men are often able to eat more calories than women.

How many calories a person is allowed to eat each day will also depend on his or her calorie burn. If your lifestyle and exercise regimen burn more calories daily, then you’re going to be allowed to eat more calories. Of course, you have to decide whether or not you need a calorie deficit if you’re planning on losing weight.

Some people try to look at how many calories they need, and then they just cut back on calories. Instead of cutting too far back on your calorie count, burn more calories instead. Of course, you do need to watch how many calories you eat, too. Still, it’s best if you work on your calorie burn even more than cutting back on your calories. Your calorie burn is what is going to help you lose weight.

When you are meeting your daily calorie requirement, you also want to be sure that you’re looking at what type of calories you’re eating. Are these healthy and good calories, or are you wasting them on sugary sodas and junk food? You should be eating all the healthy vitamins and nutrients that your body needs in order to thrive.

You only have so many calories to get what your body needs. Each calorie counts, so be sure you’re also eating the right foods. Make those calories count, and it’s best if you keep a calorie journal to hold yourself accountable. You are in control of your weight loss efforts.


Who Needs Health Insurance?

Who Needs Health Insurance?

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Illness is one reality that any person must face. Since no one is invincible, it is basically a must that you get ready when the time illness strikes you or any family member. Some people may think that those who are prone to be ill are only the ones that will benefit from such policies. However, as mentioned earlier, virtually anyone can benefit from getting insured. Who are the ones who stand to benefit from getting a good health insurance?

1. The Young

Infants are especially vulnerable when it comes to sickness. What’s more, when left untreated, these ailments can cause permanent disability, loss of function, or even death. Knowing how fragile they are, it is important that you got their health covered. With the help of insurance, you can avail of medical services whenever you need it. Most of them don’t just cover hospitalization and medication costs, but they can also cover basics such as routine checkups and vaccinations.

2. The Elderly

Just like the young, the elderly are specifically prone to all kinds of ailments. It is a proven fact that the incidence rate of almost all diseases exponentially increases with age. Knowing this, it is a must for people advancing in age to get health insurance. As both treatment and medical care costs become more frequent for the elders, it is always considered a sound investment to get them covered in such programs.

3. The Breadwinners

Special mention must be given to those who are employed or handling their own business. The demands of their work can potentially take its toll on their bodies, and this may mean an increased potential of getting sick. It is important that as a breadwinner, you need to get health insurance. It will make dealing with health care costs more manageable, ensuring the financial future of your family won’t get compromised too much. Need health insurance? Find an affordable one with www.bestaffordableinsurance.com.

Getting Back In Shape After Pregnancy

Getting Back In Shape After Pregnancy

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Weheew! You’re a new mother, or a mother again! Congratulations! But the price of becoming a mother is high, especially soon afterwards, when you find your body just isn’t as it used to be. You may have a few (only a few if you’re lucky) aches and pains, or breathing challenges, that where not there before the dramatic changes which your body underwent while carrying. Other problems may have developed that you didn’t expect. Believe me, your body is an amazing thing, but it is also a fragile thing and needs to be looked after with care. And having gone through a pregnancy, your body has suffered humongous challenges and changes that few get away with, without dramatic ramifications (and I’m not just talking about sleepless nights with babies!).

Don’t panic! Your body is also an incredible healer and repairer of itself, only you will need to do some specific things in which to allow your body to recover. That is why PhuketFit is a recommended place to get to, for a recovery break.

We have trained and qualified guides that can realign your body and help you to lose that bodily abundance, and nappy–brain syndrome you’ve succumb to. You’re not alone, help is always available.

We have the equipment and the expertise that will gently coax you back into shape and cause your body to look great again. We will show you how to strengthen those areas that have been weakened because of child birth and child rearing. We have various exercises to take care of your body while here, and to steer you onto the path of a full, satisfying recovery. Gain more energy and take it back with you upon your return; continue to maintain it and you’ll create a happier home.

Choose Pilates, or Yoga; Fitness or Muay Thai. There is so much to do; but not only will we cheer you on, while following the exercise programs, you’ll be pampered daily and who doesn’t need that after having survived one of the most life changing events on the planet!

We can tailor the program so it is just right for you, and will aid you into getting back to normal (as normal as possible after such changes).

Having babies takes its toll, for sure; so let us guide you into becoming the greatest mother on earth. There are beautiful sites to see after you’ve exercised yourself back into superb health; a healthy mother is a happy mother, it’s not only about exercise, it’s about recreation too. But wait, there’s more . . . we will also give you some great cooking classes for weight loss and management, and recipes to try with your family when you get back home.

A Look at Anti Aging Creams

A Look at Anti Aging Creams

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Everyone wants to have a lovely portrait of themselves at their very best that captures the essence of their very being. These days, people live longer and better; however, often the effects of aging put a damper on our longevity. The notion that wrinkles are the residue of smiles gone by is of little comfort. For this reason, the anti-aging cosmetic industry rakes in billions of dollars around the world. This is especially true in the United States where the baby boom generation is currently in the process of coming of age. The proliferation of anti-aging creams begs the question “Do these products actually work?” The answer to this question varies depending upon the active ingredients in the products and the length and consistency of use.

Here are some of the ingredients you will commonly find in anti-aging creams:

Retinol – a vitamin A derivative

Retinol serves the purpose of reducing the appearance of both deep wrinkles and fine lines. It is intended to improve the appearance of skin that is depleted of collagen. It also supports the natural processes of the skin to minimize the size of pores.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) – a Ubiquinone

This ingredient is similar to a vitamin. It is a fat soluble substance, and it can be found in all the cells of the human body. This substance protects the cells and assists in the production of energy for the body. A few studies have indicated that CoQ10 may help skin damaged by ultraviolet (UV) rays to appear healthier and freer of wrinkles. CoQ10 works by stimulating the production of healthy collagen and reducing damaging substances within the skin.

Niacinimide – a vitamin B

Niacinimide is similar to niacin (vitamin B3). It is a very powerful antioxidant which assists in reducing the amount of water lost from the skin. This, in turn, improves the skin’s elasticity.

Peptides – long-chain amino acids

Peptides act as chemical messengers throughout the human body. They are groups of long-chain amino acids that the cosmetic industry has made use of because they support the healing of wounds. They do this by increasing collagen production. Collagen is the substance that supports the structure of the skin and keeps it looking firm and youthful. This substance may be injected directly into wrinkles; however, research indicates that topical application may be more effective in that it stimulates the skin to produce collagen. There are a few popular products that contain peptides, such as Vernal™ Anti Aging by Vernal Skin Care System and Olay Regenerist Anti Aging.

Proceed With Caution

Understand that some of these products may result in redness, burning, rashes and/or other skin irritations. It is imperative that your read, understand and adhere to package directions in order to avoid negative side effects. Be sure to talk with your dermatologist before you begin use of an anti-aging cream.

How to Reduce Weight in 3 Easy Steps

How to Reduce Weight in 3 Easy Steps

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If there is one thing that most people find difficult to do is to lose weight and keep it off. When dieting is difficult it puts stress on the body, especially when it’s like a yo-yo taking off weight and putting it right back on. The important thing to understand is that it can’t be a “diet” it must be a true lifestyle change that will have a lasting effect and result in better overall health.

Here are a few easy steps to help you reduce weight:

1. Consume grapefruit for breakfast. Grapefruit has some extremely beneficial qualities to it because it is high in Vitamin C, it has a lot of fiber and it’s high in water content. If you eat unsweetened grapefruit for breakfast it will help your digestive system and help to flush away the fat from your body.

2. Pay attention to the food pyramid provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and follow the guidelines. There are six food groups in the pyramid. It consists of breads and grains, fruits as well as vegetables, proteins which include lean meat, fish and poultry, as well as eggs and nuts, the dairy group which consists of milk, yogurt and cheese and finally fats, which would be oils and sweets. The idea is to maintain a balanced diet including all of these groups, but to limit the intake of fats and sweets.

3. While a pound of fat is the same weight as a pound of muscle, a pound of muscle takes up much less space so it is important to increase your muscle tone by working out. It is important to use resistance training techniques three days per week. This would consist of five different exercises in repetitions of 8-12. With muscle growth, your metabolism will increase and that will help you lose weight quicker, even when your body is resting.

That’s it! With the above steps, you are ready to get started. For more advanced and detailed guidelines on how to reduce weight, check out HealthyChoicesInLife.com programs. Also, it is very important to consult your physician before starting any new nutrition and exercise plan. You’ll want to make sure your body receives the proper nutrition in order to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

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How The Asian Low Carb Diet Can Help You Flatten Your Stomach

How The Asian Low Carb Diet Can Help You Flatten Your Stomach

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The low-carb diet has been around in the United States for decades now and has taken some hits from some celebrity doctors and then promoted by others, but has been a staple in many Asian countries for centuries. In many Asian countries the basic meals are made from a large quantity of vegetables, a few carbohydrates, and the meat or fish. And this is why, even after giving birth, many Asian women get right down to a size two within just a few months. Now, you may be thinking that the major part of the Asian diet is a giant pile of white rice, which is basically all carbohydrates. But the reality is that most Asian diets are not heavily laden with tons of carbohydrates and instead have a nearly perfectly balanced diet that helps rid a person of belly fat, plus it is also excellent for overall heart health as well.

First let’s look at the amount of protein in your diet. Protein usually comes from animals, chicken, meat, fish, eggs, and it’s extremely important if you’re trying to lose weight, to have more protein in your diet than you do carbohydrates. Proteins are extremely important because your body takes an extremely long time to break them down, and you continue to feel full longer after each meal. Also, when your body breaks down protein it consumes other types of energy in the process as well. And finally, when protein is broken down it’s rare that it’s turned in to stomach fat, your body has other more important uses for protein besides energy storage.

The other important thing to remember about the low-carb diet that many Asians eat on a daily basis, is that they eat a wide variety of vegetables in huge quantities for every meal. Vegetables have lots of soluble fiber that is very slow to digest, and helps carry with it some kinds of fat to be eliminated. Vegetables also have plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other micro-nutrients that help maintain your body in so many ways you can’t count, plus very few calories and they are cholesterol-free foods as stated in this article.

So if you’re trying to lose weight with a low-carb diet, look to Asian foods for an excellent low-carb, high vegetable, lean meat alternative to the standard Western diet of high-fat, high carb, high salt, and early death regimen.

A List of foods with high protein

A List of foods with high protein

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Protein is one of the most important nutrients in our diets. It is used for growth and muscle development. A diet rich in protein can help you develop muscle mass, lose weight and get more energy. The daily recommended amount of proteins is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men but this amount can vary in function of how active you are.

Meat is the main source of protein in our diet. Animal protein sources contain a more complete set of amino acid when compared to other sources of proteins, which is why meat is so important to our diet. If your goal is to reduce your body fat or build muscle mass, you are better off eating lean meats such as poultry or fish instead of red meat which contains important amounts of fat.

You can also get proteins from certain cheeses, including low fat cottage cheese, low fat swiss cheese, Parmesan, low fat mozzarella or low fat cheddar. Full fat cheese contains proteins too but low fat cheese will help you meet your weight loss goals.

Beans are an excellent source of proteins. You can get proteins by eating kidney beans, white beans, fava beans or black beans. Cooked beans contain around 15g of proteins per cup, which means you could get all the proteins you need by eating two cups of beans a day.

Seeds and nuts are a good way to add more proteins to your diet. You can find proteins in peanuts, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds or flaxseeds. Nuts are an excellent snack if you need some energy before working out and they are even among the top cholesterol lowering foods.

These different foods with high protein will help you add more proteins to your diet but you should not neglect the other nutrients your body needs. Look for sources of proteins that are poor in fat if your goal is to increase your muscle mass.

Becoming a Great Personal Trainer

Becoming a Great Personal Trainer

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Personal training is a highly competitive world, so it is necessary to set yourself apart. Since this is a profession that is constantly evolving, you have to be at the top of your game when you are working becoming a personal trainer. Though educational qualifications are mandatory to be a professional, a trainer today needs to have more than that.

Today’s gym rat is usually educated and aware of what is going on in the fitness world. A trainer will have to be well-versed in all the newer developments in his or her field and be able to actually apply it.

Here are some tips that will make you an effective personal trainer and one who is a cut above the rest:

Let clients know you are at their service. It is important for trainers to understand that clients come to them for a reason, and they look to them for support and not dissent. Humility is something to cultivate, even if you know you are the fittest person at the gym you work in.

Every client is different. While some will require some hand-holding to get familiar with the process of maintaining a routine, others simply need to have a solid plan and be guided down the path you both agreed upon at the beginning. It is important for the trainer to understand the client well and how they react physically, mentally, and emotionally to training. A personal trainer who is able to tweak his style of training to suit a client will definitely gain a following.

As an expert in your field, your clients look to you for technical as well as practical knowledge. It is important that you balance the technical information you provide with the practical. Sitting down and discussing daily eating habits for example, is just as important as directing a client to use proper form when they are lifting weights.

While you build a good rapport with your client, it is also important that you continue to maintain your identity as a leader. Constantly evaluate the progress of your client, and let them know how they are doing. Goal-setting is important for the client, so that he or she knows there is a benchmark to work towards, and that you are doing everything in your power to facilitate their success.

Most clients tend to look to their trainers as role models. In most cases, the physique of the trainer is inspirational, and clients hope they can get to be just as healthy and fit, with your guidance. Giving your clients the right kind of advice, personalized training and the encouragement needed to get there without being judgmental is the hallmark of a personal trainer who is above the rest.

Being able to connect with your client is the best way to ensure that you make a difference. Checkout www.ncsf.org to see how you can become certified, and the type of personal trainer that people line up to train with.